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Portable washing machine-image

The portable washing machine and spin dryer is a portable light-weight, sleek machine in design which allows for easy moving and lifting with the ability to fit into a small space. There are tubes that are provided that fit most sinks to easily transfer water into the washing basin and spin dryer, inside of machine are measuring labels to ensure you add the right amount of water based on the size of your load. Everything is clearly labelled on the machine showing where the tubes go to add water, spin knobs with labels to easily adjust how long you would for each cycle. They designed the machine with a tube to drain the water out at the bottom in order to discharge of the used water in an efficient manner. They created an indentation where you easily open and close the lid incase of mess. They used a smooth, transparent surface which is easy to clean and allows you to observe your laundry without opening the lid which would risk spillage. Additionally, the bottom of the legs have a flat, slip resistant material which prevents the machine from moving, provides stability on most surfaces.