Layout and Colour

The layout was inspired by the cover of the 'Alice in Wonderland' movie cover. I loved the colours that were used as they really set the tone of the theme of the book and I wanted to use similiar colours. The original colour I used as the background was too light of a purple, I didn't feel as if it set a slight eerie, mystical mood and the contrast wasn't drastic enough. I used a colour variation tool to pick the different variations of puple that are used within the text. I wanted to use more muted colours for everything besides the title so that it would stand out.

I decided to use a quote in the beginning and the end of the excerpt to both tie in the theme and set the tone. I designed the quotes in a way that distinguishes them from the rest of the text. I wanted to design the header in a detailed manner, while the body text in a simple way so that the reader focuses on the message with ease.


I decided to use 'Henny Penny' for the headers becuase it is similiar to the font used on the movie cover. However, I wanted to use a spooky font but a softer variation to compliment the font I used for the body text. I chose this font because it is bold, it sets a mystical, spooky tone which is the tone in the story of 'Alice in Wonderland'.

I chose the font ‘ABeeZee’ for the body text, quotes and navigation because of its playful and easy to read. I wanted to use a font that was playful to create a child-like atmosphere to reminder the reader that the excerpt is a child’s experience. Anja Meiners designed the serif font ‘ABeeZeee’ to help children learn. The friendly shapes of the font makes it simple to read while keeping children attentive. My main goal was to ensure the font I used for the body text, captivated and kept the readers attention.